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The problems that businesses experience with QuickBooks and how to overcome these difficulties and get the most out of your accounting software

Problems with your QuickBooks?QuickBooks is the most widespread accounting and bookkeeping software in United States today with a market share of 85% in the US by some estimates.

Be that as it may, it's safe to say that QuickBooks controls by far the largest share of the market here and therefore, the problems that businesses experience using the software and gaining the benefits are very common.

Many business owners do NOT trust the numbers their QuickBooks presents from the entered data. Unfortunately this mistrust is justified too.

The way your QuickBooks is SET UP and how it is USED is often the seed of the problems. It is extremely commonplace to experience problems in these areas because QuickBooks isn't as "easy and clear-cut to use" as the package claims.

Although QuickBooks claims that you don't have to know anything about accounting to use the software, the truth is that most difficulties in setting up and using QuickBooks stem from lack of understanding certain basics of accounting and bookkeeping.

Consequently, this claim of "no accounting knowhow required" is not necessarily the ultimate truth if you want to get the most out of your software.

My experience is that the only way you can obtain RELIABLE INFORMATION from your QuickBooks is to secure this basic understanding of accounting AND ensure that the setup and running of the software is done correctly.

If you agree and want to find out how that could be achieved for your business, why not participate in a short QuickBooks Survey as it comes with a free initial phone consultation showing what we could do to ensure you obtain all the benefits of this software?


Why QuickBooks setup is so crucial... and why it usually gets done incorrectly in a company set up

Is it really as "easy" to use as you expected?All software manufacturers are basically torn between two urges.

One is to sell a lot of software packages, to which end they need to emphasize how EASY it is to use the program... and the other is to ensure that the user installs and runs the program correctly.

It's easy to see how these two goals work against each other.

Sales will drop if they stress how exactly the instructions need to be followed as it hits dead-on one of our biggest fears — investing in something that proves to be too complicated and too technical for us to ever make use of it.

You pay several hundred dollars and then invest your own time and effort... and all for the "pleasure" of failing to make head or tails of it...

Sales will increase if they claim that you just need to insert the disk and hit "install" and you're ready to go.

But then we come to the present situation, wherein many businesses experience problems in setting up and using their software.

And it the truth is to be told, few people bother reading the User's Manual that comes with any software.

These manuals are usually a couple inches thick and apparently written by people who either don't understand how to use the program or expect the reader to be an expert... so software manuals aren't exactly easy reads let alone especially understandable.

Consequently, we try the instant route, inserting the disk, installing the software... and trying to figure out how it works by trial and error.

And that's where the problem lies with any accounting software, be it QuickBooks or some other program:

Unless you know exactly how to use your software, those "trial and error" explorations usually jumble up your QuickBooks from the start.

It's a Catch 22 really. You would have to know how to use the program before you use it to learn how to use it...

When you try your new software, you enter data, modify various settings... and generally "set up" your QuickBooks so it won't produce reliable information.

The end result is a bit like if you had one digit — a seven, for instance — in a calculator got stuck and that number was always added to any calculus you made with the calculator.

So, you would get crazy results from the calculator, this way:

2 + 2 = ...11.


Well... 2 + 2 + 7 IS eleven... so the calculated computed correctly, only it didn't do it with the data YOU thought you had given it, right?

And so it is with QuickBooks also.

When it gives you information which is clearly unreliable, it isn't your computer that miscalculated or your QuickBooks that can't do the math.

The cause of the wrong answer was the figures with which it calculated the reply.

Now, the good news is that any and all problems you experience with QuickBooks CAN BE CORRECTED and you can be shown in practice how to do it correctly thereafter.

The bad news is that you need to enter information that's exactly correct and do it correctly.

The various accounts in your QuickBooks® require to be started with correct and verified information. These accounts then interact with OTHER accounts in your QuickBooks® ... if any of THOSE are wrongly entered...

...well, you get the idea. Your seven-digit (and probably a few other digits too) is causing the result to go haywire, making no sense and certainly giving unreliable information.

Now, there's a large number of things that could go wrong in setting up QuickBooks. Next, let's go through a few... but if you're "allergic" to accounting terminology, it might be best to go past this part as all these terms will be explained in our QuickBooks training.

SO here are a few accounts that need to be set up correctly:

- Opening Balance Equity: You need to enter correct opening balances when you set up your company file and this information must come from your accountant
- Account Receivable (A/R): Created the first time you entered an invoice but you need to have receivables that you know you collected listed in your reports.
- Inventory Asset: Created the first time you entered an Inventory Item. Are you carrying a balance in your Inventory Asset Account? Does your Inventory in QuickBooks match your actual Inventory?
- Undeposited Funds Account: An account that QuickBooks® automatically adds to your chart of accounts the first time you receive a payment from an invoice or sales receipt. Do you have a large amount in your Undeposited Funds Account and wonder why your bank statements do not match your QuickBooks® register? Are your Credit Card Sales not showing up In QuickBooks?
- Accounts Payable (A/P): Did you write a check in order to pay a bill in QuickBooks®? If so then this account was automatically set up to track all bills. It is from this account QuickBooks® will draw the information that appears on your Accounts Payable Reports. Do you enter a bill first and then enter payments against the bill? Do you have bills you know are paid that show up as unpaid?
- Sales Tax Payable: When you first turned on the Sales Tax Feature. Do you have confidence these numbers are correct? Can they be matched to Sales or monies you've actually collected?
- Uncategorized Income: Transactions entered into QuickBooks® but not assigned to a specific Income Account. You should never see this. This means something is wrong in your QuickBooks.
- Cost of Goods Sold: COGS account is created when an inventory item is entered. This is what you paid for the items you have sold. Do you have confidence in this number?
- Payroll Expense / Liabilities: If you turn on the payroll feature, QuickBooks® creates this account and maps all payroll expenses to this account as a default. Do you trust the numbers shown here? Does the payroll Liabilities show Taxes you know you have paid?
- Uncategorized Expense: Transactions entered into QuickBooks® but not assigned to a specific Expense Account. You should never see this. This means something is wrong in your QuickBooks.
- Retained Earnings: The second Equity Account that QuickBooks® will set up for you, tracks your company net income from previous fiscal years. QuickBooks® will also automatically transfer your undistributed profit or loss, as the case may be, to the Retained Earnings Equity Account at the end of the year. What number is in your Retained Earnings Account? Does it reflect the entire history of your company or just since you started using QuickBooks?
- Job Costing / Project: Costing reports don't show labor, materials properly or at all? This means something is wrong in your QuickBooks or its setup.

Now, I don't want you to get overwhelmed by all this accounting jargon and possible problems.

These problems are easily fixed and the confusion you perhaps feel about the whole QuickBooks issue will transform into certainty on the ease of use of this software.

QuickBooks IS a great program for any business activity, no doubt about it. You don't get to be the market leader without having an excellent product.

But equally, business owners cannot be expected to become bookkeepers just by inserting a disk.

You know how long it took to acquire YOUR expertise so you could use all the tools of YOUR trade confidently and successfully... so why would it be different here?

The difference is that learning to use QuickBooks is much easier than accumulating the experience you have from your trade.

And the similarity is that SOME information, help, and advice are needed in any new subject matter.

All you need is an expert to untie the knots and straighten out the setup mixups, then showing you (and/or your personnel) how QuickBooks works and how to keep it running correctly so the information it gives is accurate.

And that's what our QuickBooks services are all about.


The Bookkeepers Plus QuickBooks setup and training services

Bookkeepers Plus sells SOLUTIONS for your QuickBooks problems.

We will isolate the root of the problem, correct all the mistakes and teach you to use your QuickBooks.

We will show you step by step how to keep mistakes from happening again and the best way to run the program so it is both quick and easy.

It will become simple and it can actually be enjoyable.

Because we use a special hands-on & practical training approach (also called the "assembly line approach"), we can keep the accounting techniques that you need to learn to an absolute minimum.

Bookkeepers Plus offers several forms of service QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Seminar

QuickBooks SeminarQuickBooks Seminar: An informative package of information lasting only 4 hours.

The seminar will give a basic understanding of the problems involved in setting up and running the program.

Call 631-949-5864 to hear when the next seminar is held.

QuickBooks Onsite Classes
QuickBooks Onsite ClassesQuickBooks Onsite Classes: We come to your premises and give consultation on the site, using your computers and software and also solving problems.
QuickBooks Consulting
QuickBooks ConsultingQuickBooks Consulting: This service is more or less as the classes in its content but given on one to one basis at your place of business.
QuickBooks Group Lectures

QuickBooks Group LecturesQuickBooks Group Lectures: Invite us to your premises to give a lecture to your personnel on QuickBooks solutions.

These lectures can also be delivered in form of workshops so that your people are using their QuickBooks and we go through a tailored agenda.

QuickBooks Phone Support
QuickBooks Phone SupportQuickBooks Phone Support: Anytime phone consulting with live login to your computer so the QuickBooks consultant sees everything you do and hence support and assistance can be given accurately and cost-efficiently.

Please contact us to find which form of QuickBooks training and/or support suits your individual requirements and wishes best.

Our goal is to show you the practical bookkeeping skills necessary to make QuickBooks work for you the way you want. We will give you a working understanding of what you are doing with your QuickBooks so it becomes doable, accurate, and useful for you.

The goal of all our training and support is to reach a level where QuickBooks makes SENSE to you and you gain the practical skill to use the program.

You will know how to implement changes to your QuickBooks and you'll be aware of all the capabilities of the program and learn to use each.

NOTE: We can also provide experts who produce custom reports that are not in QuickBooks as long as the information is your database. Likewise, there are many add-on products that help customize QuickBooks to your business.

For instance, QuickBooks has a big brother called "Enterprise Edition" that helps people who have outgrown QuickBooks Premier or Pro editions.

Also available is QuickBooks for Contractors and it's big brother Master Builder. QuickBooks has other industry specific solutions for retailers (Point-of-Sale), Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, and Professional Services.

If any of these interest you then please contact us to see how we can be of assistance.


Benefits of Bookkeepers Plus QuickBooks setup and training services

Confusion surrounding your QuickBooks will dissipate quickly and you will soon be able to use the program with ease.

We replace confusion with certainty and simplicity. You will know what to do, how to do it... and how to ensure that it's correct.

You could say that our training brings QuickBooks into the realm of your practical skills so that it becomes yet another item on your list of things you do effortlessly and confidently.

It's important to know that our QuickBooks training aims at making this subject simple... so our approach is completely hands-on practical too.

You don't need to become an accountant and our special approach to training ensures that the accounting technology involved in the training is kept to an absolute minimum.

The information provided by your QuickBooks will be correct and reliable.

All problems with QuickBooks will get solved AND we offer a continuous availability to technical support so that you know whom to turn to if ever you have questions.

The joy of QuickBooks ® is that it is a very forgiving program. The program's ability to go back and make historical changes will allow you to fix your problems in your existing QuickBooks® files.

While most businesses experience SOME problems setting up and running their QuickBooks, the fact remains that all these things can be fixed and all problems solved.

You will easily utilize any functions of your QuickBooks with which you may have had problems earlier, such as Job Costing, Setting up recurring Billings (customers), Banking, Sales reporting, or Setting up Recurring bills (vendors).

We'll make QuickBooks simple and practical for you.

The end result of Bookkeeper Plus QuickBooks training & support is that you will receive reliable information with which to run your business and make decisions.

If our QuickBooks services interest you, please feel free to contact me by e-mail, use our quote form or simply call me personally on 631-949-5864 to receive more information and an cost estimate of solving your QuickBooks problems.

Alternately, you can set the wheels in motion by participating in our QuickBooks Survey and receive a free initial phone consultation to evaluate the problems and potential benefits of QuickBooks for your company.

Note that we can also support Peachtree, MAS-90 or just about any accounting or bookkeeping software because we know the job it has to do. If you have problems with your accounting software whatever the brand, feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.

Best wishes,

Elizabeth Marasco, MBA
Bookkeepers Plus, Inc.
354 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach
NY 11951
Phone: 631-949-5864
Fax: 631-207-8349

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