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To outsource or not to outsource...?

How to use outsourcing to increase your efficiency and profits

How to use outsourcing to increase efficiency and profits...A business owner or executive is a causative being, a hands-on person whose ability to make things happen is one of his or her most valuable assets.

He or she is someone who gets things done.

And while planning and expertise are also vital to a successful business venture, the ability to DO is what sets the executive apart from others.

Yet there can too much of the good thing because you cannot do EVERYTHING if you want to expand your business.

There's only so much that one person CAN do in a day, a week, or a month.

Therefore, one employs other people to do things.

Yet the traditional solution of "getting additional pairs of hands" does not always serve the best interest of the business venture in terms of profits.

Our outsourcing service can be the answer. Please remember that outsourcing any of the functions decribed on our site does NOT require you to change your accountant or CPA.


More employees equals more administrative work

The bigger you grow, the harder it becomes to increase revenue...Every new employee needs some supervision.

Like it or not, the ability to SEE what needs doing is a rare one. You have it but don't assume it's a common human trait.

Supervision in its turn requires administrative tasks, such as monitoring the production of the employee, noticing if he or she has problems, solving those problems, being there to support the employee, arranging all the paperwork that goes with the employer's duties, solving holidays and sick leaves...

...and, in many cases, even having to facilitate his/her personal problems as these impact the employee's time consumption or spirits... and whatnot.

Suffice to say there's a lot of ADDITIONAL tasks involved for YOU with every additional employee.

Which is the way it is, of course... nothing new about that.

But it is definitely a point to consider when you evaluate the alternative of OUTSOURCING some of the functions currently done in-house. Further down this page we look at WHICH tasks you would actually BENEFIT outsourcing and which are best kept within the company.

Before that, let's just compare outsourcing with in-house solutions


Comparing outsourcing solutions to performing tasks in-house

Compare outsourcing with in-house solutionsOutsourcing has quite a few benefits, as long as you outsource the correct function to a good service provider.

Outsourcing an activity or task, you don't have any personnel-related problems or duties or expenses.

You don't have to MOTIVATE the performers of the work as it is a simple business transaction, governed by the hard values of commerce.

A different set of rules or legal issues govern an outsourcing solution than employing people.

With the core activities of your company, direct in-house control is absolutely vital and performing it through your personnel is probably the only viable solution.

But that's not the case with the tasks that do not directly impact on the client's experience. For these tasks, outsourcing is often the easier, more cost-efficient, and timesaving alternative.

Outsourcing relieves you of all necessity of having to accept poor quality of work or low productivity due to aspects of human compassion. You outsource the task and the company accepting the assignment produces the results, as simple as that... and without any consideration to the problems they may or may not experience within THEIR business activity.

With tasks performed within your company it is often difficult to predict (or control) the COST of getting something done.

When the work is done in-house, many things can increase the cost of performing a specific task.

Sick leave, sudden problems with computers or software, oddities of human behaviour, lack of responsibility on the part of the person who should perform the duty... (just to name a few) ...all of these can suddenly double or triple the actual cost of having something done.

Not so with outsourcing. Again, it's a business arrangement and all these problems of "human error and nature" are dealt with by the company whose client you are.

If a task SUITS outsourcing then basically you buy the entrepreneurship of the OWNER of the business to whom you outsource the task. It is he or she who will "do it or die trying," no matter if it requires working through the night and over the weekend with no pay.

Thus, when you're outsourcing a task, you will "hire" an EMPLOYER, not an employee, as it were... someone like you who'll bear full responsibility to GET IT DONE RIGHT and on time, someone who GETS things done.

And that's the difference. That's why outsourcing saves you time and money while immediately relieving you of ANY headaches related to supervision or risk having the task performed within your company.


Outsourcing tasks: Which tasks could be outsourced?

Evaluating outsourcing optionsWhen you're considering outsourcing a task, there is a specific guideline to go by in evaluating whether or not the outsourcing of that specific activity would actually benefit your business activity.

You want to be absolutely certain that your decision to outsource the activity is of clear benefit to your business.

You want to ensure that the outsourcing solution strengthens your position and backs up the goals you've set for your business activity.

Viewed from that angle specifically, we cand divide the various tasks within a business activity into two categories:

1. Those tasks or activities that DIRECTLY IMPACT YOUR CLIENTS in how they experience your service, your products, and your activities.
2. Those tasks that are performed on regular basis but DO NOT directly impact clients' experience of your clients' experience of you.

Tasks within the first category are best kept within your company. These include receiving clients, communicating with them, presentation, sales, delivery of services, after-sales actions, and so on.

These tasks are essential to be held within your direct control and thus have the potential of "the pros outweighing the cons" in terms of whatever administrative tasks come from employing people.

The tasks within the SECOND category can be outsourced and outsourcing these will bring you benefits through saving time and money... and unnecessary headaches.

These tasks that benefit from outsourcing include:

-Sales Tax reports
-QuickBooks or other software support

...and so on.

These tasks do not directly impact your clients' experience.

Thus, they can be outsourced if you evaluate that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits of having these functions performed within your company.


Outsourcing as a way of increasing results

Outsource that which doesn't produce profit and you'll create more profit...There's the old 80/20 rule about business tasks in relation to income produced thereof.

No doubt you're familiar with it.

The rule essentially says that 20% of actions within the company produce 80% of its profits... and, reversely, 80% of the work done contribute maximally 20% to the net profit.

Hence the maxim:

If it doesn't DIRECTLY influence the creating of income and profit, contract it out.

Outsourcing is the solution for those tasks that create bureaucracy rather than profit.

The 80/20 rule of profitable activities has yet another manifestation which is known to most companies who've traded for a few years...

...stagnation of results onto the same level.

Most businesses experience a sort of levelling out of their performance at some point.

That's to say, their business activity produces more income until it reaches an apex and settles on a level and, try as they might, they cannot get the income back into a steeper increase from this mystical plateau.

Essentially what's happening here is that the 80/20 rule has taken hold and expanded beyond.

The problem comes with expansion. The more people you employ, the more tasks you take on administratively — more supervision, more in-house communication, decisions, problems, solutions required and so on — and the more of YOUR time is required.

Now, as 20% of the daily activities produce 80% of the net profit to the bottom line, the 80% of administrative (not directly income-producing) actions tend to expand MORE than the 20% of the profit-creating actions.

Fundamentally, a good part of those 20% of profit-producing operations are performed or initiated by YOU... and as the administrative demands increase, you'll find less time to devote to that which produces the INCOME of the company.

Thus, a business becomes heavier and its own success creates the barriers which inevitably stagnate its growth in terms of profits and income.

Prioritizing your own tasks helps.

But the problem is that you cannot IGNORE the demands of the administrative tasks either. If you neglect those then these support activities will deteriorate and begin impeding the profit-producing activities.

Ignoring the administrative tasks cuts off your CONTROL of the business activity... and that's really not a viable option either.

Outsourcing can help.


Outsourcing routines that do not directly produce profit

Outsource what doesn't directly produce profits to increase that which does!If you consider outsourcing then look at those activities which do not directly impact on your clients' experience and which belong among the routines taking 80% of your time while influencing maximally 20% of your profits.

That way you'll influence the efficiency of the whole business activity and thereby increase its profits.

Outsourcing these task will free up more time and resources for concentrating on those 20% of activities that produce 80% of your profits.

Used wisely, outsourcing saves time and money, giving you "new" resources (space, facilities, etc.) that now can be utilized by the activities that produce 80% of your profits.

That way, the results can only increase.


Why not find out if outsourcing suits your business and what you can win by it?

Outsourcing solutions by Bookkeepers Plus of Long Island, NYWe offer a free service for businesses within New York, Long Island and surrounding areas to find out what they could win by outsourcing specific back office tasks.

You can approach us by filling in the outsourcing quote form to get an idea of the costs and savings involved in outsourcing back office functions.

You can also subscribe to our Outsourcing Report that gives more information on the benefits of well-chosen outsourcing services.

Alternatively, why not throw us an outsourcing challenge — explain the specifics you consider outsourcing and we'll tell you how we would handle it.

There are also specific articles on this web site on outsourcing selected activities, among others...

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...and quite a few others, please see the detailed article directory at the end of each page.

To summarize, outsourcing is a worthwhile alternative if a task occurs on a regular basis but has no impact on your clients' experience and the task itself does not belong to those core activities which produce 80% of your bottom line.

Feel free to contact me personally if you have questions regarding outsourcing!

Best wishes,

Elizabeth Marasco, MBA
Bookkeepers Plus, Inc.
354 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach
NY 11951
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