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How much are you REALLY paying for mistakes in using the common office software applications such as Excel?

Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application TrainingThe office software training services of Bookkeepers Plus have a very special angle of approach.

Essentially, we troubleshoot your personnel's use of office software applications in order to get rid of unnecessary complications and mistakes.

It might not sound like much but bear with me. Read this short article and you may be amazed at how much money you're throwing away... money that could be easily saved.

I believe you'll agree that the Bookkeepers Plus office software training services not only minimize mistakes but save you a lot of money.


Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training: Doing things the hard way?

Donating 8.3% to the charity of "Holy Complexities?"One of the biggest causes of lost time and income comes from misapplication of the common office software programs.

Just because someone appears to know how to use an application does not mean they use it efficiently. In fact, most software training is learned on the job, finding out "the hard way" how to do things with the program.

This leads to a lot of unnecessarily complex routines. Things that could be performed with one click are done using "the scenic route," clicking several buttons and using the keyboard.

Now it might not seem like much, but as this involves most of the commonest actions performed in an office, the actual loss becomes visible when you do the math.

Let's say someone uses an unnecessarily complicated way of performing a task five times an hour. Every time it takes a minute longer than if it was done the correct way.

So this person wastes five minutes of each hour.

Five minutes times eight hours times 21 days times 12 months... That's 14 hours a month or 168 hours a year of YOUR money wasted.

Or, to put it another way, of the time you're paying this person some 8.3% disappears into the black hole of ignorance.


It's equivalent to giving each employee every 12th year OFF WITH FULL PAY, if you like it better put that way... but I don't think that you do.

There's no denying it's a bitter pill whichever way you put it, right?

This involuntary donation to the "Charity of Unnecessary Complexity" won't be tax deductable either..

But could this REALLY be true... surely not?

Well... I'm afraid it could... and is the case more often than not.

Now, you'd be amazed at how many skilful people do NOT know the simplest way of performing even the most common tasks with their office software application.

It's not really so amazing actually, with new versions coming up constantly and each with their own new functions and whatnots... and if you have ever tried reading one of those MANUALS software developers write... well then you'll know why.

Those manuals are written by people who appear to be from a different universe than the rest of us. Things are explained in a very complicated manner and the whole thing acts like a full-body anaesthetic, putting you to sleep and teaching you mainly not to read manuals...

The goal of the Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training is to locate those complexities and misunderstandings, thus recapturing those lost minutes and increasing efficiency of your team.

Only once the bugs have been located and removed will you TRULY see how much you've been paying for nothing.


Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training: Mistakes

Complexities breed mistakes... and mistakes cost time and money.Complexities in performing tasks with office software applications are not the only concern.

The fact is that the more complicated the action, the likelier it is to have mistakes in it.

In other words, doing things the complicated way ensures that the number of outright mistakes that get made increases.

One could say that the number of mistakes made increases in a direct ratio to the degree of complexity with which the task is performed.

Unfortunately it's not only the number of mistakes but the SIZE of them that increases when things are done the complicated way.

Even more regretfully, the more complex the way of performing tasks, the more difficult it is to LOCATE (and fix) those mistakes. Take a look at your last year's accounting bill if you want a practical example... some part of that cost should have been itemized in the invoice as "looking to find mistakes...."

That's money out of YOUR pocket.

Now, people make mistakes by mistake.

Don't think it's because your staff is spiteful. They're not and I'm sure they genuinely try their best.

The true source of this problem is buried within the human nature. As human beings, we're SO ingrained into trying to solve a problem the quick and easy way which usually leads to creating MORE problems.

It's like the joke about new medicine that handles an unwanted condition but create side-effects of such painful magnitude that it makes you PREFER the original affliction to the "healing" of the medicinal drug...

Almost always when we go to a client to deliver the Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training, we find that the original settings of software applications have been altered, thus basically guaranteeing that things get MORE complicated than ever before.

Huge, survival-threatening mistakes come to be only because the indicators pointing to the problem have gone unnoticed for a long time. Problems of use, small mistakes made with office software applications are that type of indicators.

But there's a simple way to get covered...


Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training: Free initial consultation if you reserve it

Get a free Office Software Application security check...Are you paying thousands for time used in unnecessary complexities in performing computing tasks... or are you not?

Could you increase efficiency by some 8.3% with some basic Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training... or are your people already as efficient as they can?

Are the settings or procedures of software applications hiding a potentially big mistake... or is everything more or less under control?

Here's the most important question of all:

Do you really want to GUESS the answer... or find out for certain?

If the latter then I've got good news for you.

For a short while and only you can secure an initial phone consultation for the Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training absolutely free of charge.

Why not let the expert have a look and see if your office functions could be made more effective?

If not, then you've lost absolutely nothing.

And if yes, then the savings you make by increasing efficiency will by far outweigh the cost of your Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training.

To reserve your free initial consultation, please fill in this form:


Free initial consultation:
Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training

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Which positive results would you expect to gain if you were to try our Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training?

No more lost time as tasks with software get done the simplest way
Fewer mistakes as personnel know how to do things and learn to avoid complexities and incorrect procedures using software applications
Increasing efficiency of your in-house office functions up to 8.3% from current ratio
No more uncertainty, you will know that your staff use their software applications the correct way, taking the shortest route to do things

Some other result, please write it here:

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Bookkeepers Plus Office Software Application Training


If you prefer to contact me directly to find out what we could do for your business, please call me personally on 631-949-5864 or e-mail me and I will gladly give you more information without obligation.


Best wishes,

Elizabeth Marasco, MBA
Bookkeepers Plus, Inc.
354 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach
NY 11951
Phone: 631-949-5864
Fax: 631-207-8349

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