You can save on costs and gain on accuracy of bookkeeping by outsourcing wisely. Learn how to compare outsourcing solutions to employing a bookkeeper OR having your accountant or CPA perform the tasks at about 50% more cost for no benefit...

We will help you improve your cash flow and make it easier to control your business...
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...through letting you concentrate on what you do best by leaving us to do the rest.
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Bookkeeping services of Bookkeepers Plus Inc. for businesses in Long Island, NY

Outsourcing your bookkeeping saves time, space, and money.Bookkeeping is a broad term used to include all the tasks that involve the creation and maintaining of records about all financial transactions in your company.

It is the function that basically comes BEFORE your accountant or CPA does his or her work... the work for which you pay a much higher hourly rate due to the expertise required.

Commonly businesses do not realize this and have their accountant do quite a lot of bookkeeping work, thus paying an unduly high price for many tasks that a bookkeeper would perform at a far lower cost.


The problems of bookkeeping from the business owner's viewpoint

In-house bookkeeping can cause unnecessary problems.Hiring a bookkeeper is not always the best alternative to paying a premium to have your accountant perform the bookkeeping tasks.

Firstly, your business needs to have grown to a certain size before you can afford a full-time bookkeeper comfortably.

Secondly, who's to say when there's enough work to keep a full-time bookkeeper busy day in and day out?

Thirdly, the growth of your business isn't going to stagnate at the level where there's just enough work for your bookkeeper, obviously.

So once the work increases beyond the capacity of your bookkeeper, you're again in the same mess, having to consider hiring an additional bookkeeper who may have too little to do for quite a while until your company's transactions again bring you to the same quandary.

Fourthly, how will you know whether or not the person you hire is really professionally adequate to keep your books, transactions, receipts, checks, invoices, bills and whatnots in correct order?

And how do you estimate whether or not the job could be done faster or in a more effective way?

Or evaluate if the way your bookkeeper does things is the best in terms of your interests, so your costs are minimized?

Yet the problems won't stop here. Establishing and maintaining your own bookkeeping function, you'll need to invest quite a bit.

An office room with ample space for storing the documents, folders and materials.

Computers with printers and whatnots. Accounting software with training, updates for new software version, and the cost of technical support.

Additional training (materials and courses) for your bookkeeper(s) as they need to keep up to date with all the changes in bookkeeping / accounting / taxation laws, rules, regulations and practices...

...and all the costs that come with any additional employee.

Now, here's the "two rules of outsourcing" with which you can evaluate any member of your team and the importance of having that function performed by an employee within your company:

1. Does the task DIRECTLY impact on the customers' experience of your sales and delivery?
2. Is the work within those 20% of actions that produce 80% of your income and profit?

I think it's safe to say that bookkeeping is not directly included in either of those categories above.

Thus it is a routine that can easily be outsourced. It is also a function whose outsourcing is bound to bring mainly benefits to your current situation.

Ask yourself this about bookkeeping: Do you really WANT these headaches?

Or would you prefer to use your time in a more productive way?


Outsourcing bookkeeping: How to save money and avoid problems

Saving money and avoiding problems = outsourcingWhen you outsource your bookkeeping to a professional bookkeeping firm then you get the best of two worlds.

You will save about 50% on cost by not burdening your accountant or CPA with these tasks which factually misemploy his or her level of professionalism.

And you won't have any of the risks or problems associated with employing one or more bookkeepers.

You pay only for tasks DONE and completed to satisfactory standards.

You receive only the results, never any problems that we may or may not have in creating the results for you.

You'll never again have any employee-related problems with bookkeeping and all the tasks that go with it.

Solutions only, never problems... and at 50% less cost than if you had your accountant or CPA perform the same tasks.


The focus of Bookkeepers Plus Inc.

The service policy of Bookkeepers Plus Inc.Our service concept and outlook on clients' priorities concentrate on doing everything so it benefits your bottom line.

We constantly work toward MAKING TIME for you and FINDING SAVINGS within your finances.

Our goal is to maximize your chance to utilize your potential fully concentrating on those 20% of actions which bring in 80% of revenue and profits.

Bookkeepers Plus outsourcing service aims wholly at taking care of any and all the tasks of bookkeeping.

Among the services we deliver are these (each headline is linked to a page where that outsourcing service is described in detailed but understandable terms, so simply CLICK the service that interests you):

Financial Management Reporting

Financial Management Reporting

Management Reporting service keeps you updated on your finances continuously.

This service focuses on keeping the business owner abreast of the SEVEN KEY REPORTS that open up an accurate view on financial control for you:

1. Unpaid Bills, Accounts Payable Aging tells you who you owe and when each payment is due as well as showing you payments that are overdue.
2. Unpaid Invoices, Accounts Receivable Aging tells you who owes you money and when you can expect to get it into your bank account.
3. Profit & Loss (Income Statement) summarizes how much money you made (sales), where you made it, how much it took to make it (expenses) and what you got left over (profit) from it... or not (loss).
4. Balance Sheet reports how much you own and owe. It lists your assets against your liabilities, giving a fair picture of your financial position.
5. Cash Flow Projection Report keeps you updated on what you owe and can expect to collect in the near future.
6. Sales Report gives you detailed information on your sales, explaining the "what, who and how" of your sales flows. Who is buying the most? Which items or services are selling best... and which worst?
7. Job Cost Report itemizes how much was spent on each job, or the costs of selling each category of product, giving the details what the money was spent on and explains all the details of the assignment.

Adding Management Reporting to your systems is simple and requires no changes in your arrangements with your accountant or CPA. We show you with practical examples how to use the key reports to gain hands-on knowhow on planning your finances as a part of your everyday job.

It will enable you to control, run and expand your business like no other financial service ever could, because you will measure and monitor all key financial figures of your monetary transactions and business activity, thus making it easy to MANAGE those functions.

Billing and Accounts Receivable gets you PAID...

Billing & Accounts Receivable

This is essentially the key function in ensuring your company receives its monies as quickly as possible.

Here the slightest delay will cause a domino effect that then affects your whole business activity in a negative way.

Billing & Accounts Receivable includes tasks such as...

Creating and sending customer invoices
Processing checks and other payments received from clients & issuing credits & refunds due to customers
Keeping track of who owes the company, customer service information & collection of monies owed
Issuing monthly statements to customers based on Accounts Receivable

Outsourcing your accounts receivable to us, you will essentially ensure that we are responsible for handling these vital functions without any right for explanations or excuses.

The underlying goal of accounts receivable is GETTING YOU PAID.

Payroll services of Bookkeepers Plus for small and mid-size businesses

Payroll services

The payroll service of Bookkeepers Plus is geared towards small businesses.

Outsourcing your payroll work will free a lot of time and resources for tasks that affect your bottom line more directly.

Calculating the pay of each employee from time cards or other sources
Executing the payment of salaries
Preparing all quarterly & yearly Payroll Tax Returns
Keeping track of other payments & reimbursement of expenses
Timekeeping (assist in timekeeping, setup and maintain timekeeping systems from simple time cards to electronic systems)

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing your payroll to us involves the cost-efficiency and accuracy of the work due to our experience and training in these matters.

I personally guarantee that our service is very flexible — and definitely more accommodating than the larger payroll services. We handle requests in a time frame the big services simply cannot facilitate.

Maximize your discounts and maintain good credit

Accounts Payable

This is the monitoring, verifying, and general handling of the bills you owe to your vendors and others.

Keeping these payments under control maximizes your cash flow and good credit and enables you to utilize discounts. Accounts Payable includes tasks such as...

Entering vendor bills into the computer and verifying correctness so your company is not being overcharged
Confirming that the bills are factually valid and matching purchase orders to the bills received and shipping tickets
Keeping track of the due dates of payable bills

First and foremost, a high-quality performance of accounts payable will give you financial control over expenditure.

It is the key to good cashflow and excellent credit while ensuring that nothing is paid unduly and bills are paid in time and all discounts get utilized on your behalf.

Let Bookkeepers Plus take care of your banking tasks

Banking Services

Outsourcing your banking tasks frees up your time and ensures your funds are available as soon as possible. Our banking services include tasks such as...

Preparing bank deposits and taking these to the bank
Monitoring the daily balance by going on-line and downloading the latest transactions

You'll avoid a tedious routine and entrust it in the hands of an accounting professional who performs these tasks conscientiously and accurately in a timely manner.

As a result, you will know exactly how much money you have on daily basis and avoid mistakes.

Optimize your cashflow with Bookkeepers Plus Cash Management

Cash Management and Cash Flow functions

Cash Management service aims at matching your incoming cash to your outgoing payments. It can be outsourced to us without any need for you to even consider changing your accountant or CPA.

Cash Flow Management includes tasks such as...

Monitoring and managing cash flow
Matching incoming money to funds going out
Preparing reports of funds coming in and needed to pay bills the near future

Outsourcing your cash management you will cut costs, increase the efficiency of cashflow management... and have fewer worries about cashflow and finances.

Petty Cash, Employee Reimbursements and Vehicle Mileage

Petty Cash, Employee Reimbursements, Vehicle Mileage Tracking

These functions need to be handled in an orderly fashion at the time the transactions occur as otherwise these cause trouble later on.

This is a system which allows the year-end closing to go smoothly and fast, minimizing the cost for you in several ways.

Coordination with your accountant lowers your costs. Proper handling of these payouts also guards against fines, penalties and legal action from the Government.

Payouts to employees and/or owners may be interpreted as payroll unless these expenses are documented. Accurate documentation of Petty Cash and Employee Reimbursements also helps to prevent fraud and stealing of funds.

Vehicle Mileage tracking ensures you always obtain the more beneficial tax deductions. Accurate and timely tracking of vehicle mileage also prevents employee misuse of vehicles.

Human Resources services of Bookkeepers Plus Inc.

Human Resources support services

This area of our services covers the legal and mandatory arrangements required with employees.

These are often routine tasks which must be done accurately and in time to avoid penalties, fines, or other unpleasant consequences. Thus, Human Resources tasks suit outsourcing ideally.

These functions include a wide array of tasks, such as...

Insurances: We handle all the employee questions, get quotes, sign people up and delete when necessary and respond to all inquires from insurance companies.
Retirement plans: We sign people up for your retirement plan and delete those that leave. We add or remove or change employee/employer contributions, and we handle any discrepancies, disputes etc. to a resolution.
Leave Maintenance: We keep track of sick and vacation time such as leaves, maternity leave, vacations and other types of absences that need to be documented meticulously for future reference.
Drafting personnel policies: As part of human resource support functions, we would suggest and draft personnel policies for your company on a variety of issues from pay raises to when employees become eligible for sick and/or vacation time or the retirement plan.
Recruitment: We can help you by creating recruitment ads and assist in finding new employees as required and based on the qualifications of your choice.

Legal formalities are always in order which saves time and provides a safe working environment for you and your employees. Insurances are in place to guarantee cover in all eventualities.

Costs are minimized by rigorous quoting and price comparison and your time is saved as all the activities ensuing Human Resources are taken care of by us, reporting the end result to you only.

Project Accounting and Job Costing services by Bookkeepers Plus Inc.

Project Accounting & Job Costing services

Project Accounting service of Bookkeepers Plus Inc. gives you the financial and budgetary control over projects.

This service also helps you estimate jobs correctly and avoid taking unprofitable jobs. Project Accounting / Job Costing includes tasks such as...

Preparations for financial monitoring of your project
Data entry on project costs and other monitored information
Consultation on data collection for costing functions
Creating custom reports and spreadsheets on the project as needed

It's really a matter of financial control and precautionary measures allowing you to influence the cost structure during the project rather than having to find out after the fact what you "should've and could've done if only would have known..."

Purchasing and Inventory services of Bookkeepers Plus Inc.

Purchasing & Inventory

Outsourcing your purchasing and inventory functions (as these pertain to the keeping and verifying of records and actions) will ensure you will be fully up to date with how much inventory you have continually.

Purchasing & Inventory service of Bookkeepers Plus covers tasks such as...

Creating purchase orders under direction or entering manually prepared orders into the computer system
Filing shipping and packing slips and other documents, verifying these against the purchase order and tracking what was received, and for how much
Tracking how much inventory in stock and monitoring reordering requirements based on set stock margins

You will automatically be advised when to order more so that you never run out of stock but optimize your investment in inventory so the average turnaround of stock is as short as possible, thus freeing up capital to other areas in your business activity.

QuickBooks Training and Support services

QuickBooks Training and Support

Need help with your QuickBooks software?

Why not use our expertise and experience in getting more out of your accounting software?

Our technical support services with QuickBooks is an easy and quick way to get rid of any problems related to accounting software..

Setting up QuickBooks or other software & Technical Support
Best procedures to use to keep good books
Inventory Control, Job Costing, Bookkeeping

Get the most out of QuickBooks by using the expertise of those who have used it professionally for years and trained others to use the software.

Preparing the books / sales and payroll taxes for accountant or CPA

These tasks are best outsourced simply because our bookkeepers will do the work at a much lower cost than your accountant or CPA.

Includes functions such as...

Preparing sales and payroll taxes
Preparing the books for the CPA

...and anything else required.

You will save money and ensure faster turnaround of your books with your accountant or CPA by having us prepare your taxes and books before the year end filing.

Bookkeepers Plus Virtual Assistant

Bookkeepers Plus Virtual Assistant — Executive Secretarial Services

Need a secretary with a wide range of skills but can't or won't hire one full-time?

Then our Virtual Assistant may be just the thing for you.

A unique secretarial service wherein you only pay for the jobs that you order and services that you use.

Quality performance without excuses: You gain a reliable, professional office assistant or administrator who completes tasks promptly and exactly as told, producing perfect documents and reports which you are proud to forward as yours.
More skills and experience for less money: A Virtual Assistant is usually more capable than most employed assistants as she is a business owner herself and knows payment comes only through timely completion of work at good standard of quality.
Bookkeepers Plus Virtual Assistant — Areas of utilization: Any office-related tasks, typing, finding best services and quotes, office manager functions, help with software, train personnel, arrange documents, data entry, mailing, market research interviews — all office / secretarial tasks.

Get the best executive secretarial service only when you need it... and pay only for what you use.


Outsource your bookkeeping to Bookkeepers Plus: Minimum commitment from you bringing maximum advantages in minimum time

Maximize your effiency through outsourced bookkeeping with Bookkeepers PlusYou can choose any of our services and have it tailored exactly to your needs, wishes and specifications.

You can pick your own combination of services, create the outsourced bookkeeping package that offers you best advantages with least commitment.

Choosing the right functions and outsourcing these to Bookkeepers Plus will not only save time and money but also optimize your working conditions so you can direct your energy into those activities which produce your profit... that 20% of actions that drive your bottom line.

Instead of using time supervising and training an in-house team at your own risk (having to pay salaries regardless of results), outsourcing removes all time-consuming responsibilities from your schedule while giving an ironclad guarantee on quality and schedule of performance.

You'll have more space in your office to use productively. You'll have fewer distractions to draw attention away from the most important parts of your business activity.

Outsourced bookkeeping is more accurate and timely

Timeliness and efficiency of outsourced bookkeepingNot to put too fine a point on it, let's say what outsourced bookkeeping does NOT do. There are no egos getting in the way of service because our pay depends on your full satisfaction.

All work is double checked to ensure 100% accuracy at all times.

Outsourced bookkeeping is usually also more timely.

Our expandable team is there to meet your needs and we commit to deadlines with complete "do-or-die-trying" attitude because you're our client, not our employer.

No sick days, vacations or other issues influence the timely delivery of your work, ever.


Benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping functions to Bookkeepers Plus Inc.

Outsourcing bookkeeping functions to Bookkeepers PlusOur model of outsourced bookkeeping allows you to spend as little time as possible on clerical details that do not add to the customers experience with your firm and does not drive the 20% to the bottom line.

Our outsourced bookkeeping and financial consulting assist you to isolate the 20% of your daily operations that drive 80% of your net profit to the bottom line.

We also aim to find any production or sales bottle necks that slow down the business cycle unnecessarily.

The most important value that the Bookkeepers Plus bookkeeping services bring to a business is an understanding of where your 20% is hidden.

By generating reports and working with you we can organize all the body of data from your business so you know exactly what to do and where to look to improve results constantly.

We'll uncover the best and worst customers, the most profitable and less-profitable jobs and services and/or products, find the bottlenecks in your cashflow, locate the ways of utilizing best quotes and discounts, and generally finetune every financial aspect of your activity so everything runs smoothly at maximum cost-efficiency.

In the final analysis, it all aims at giving you accurate information on which you can make correct decisions and refocus your internal efforts toward what produces the best results.

We want to help you use your full potential in applying your skills where you get the best return.

It is quite methodical and simple once you get down to it and start organizing these things one at a time. But after a few months, the resulting improvements may seem like magic...

Please feel free to familiarize yourself with all our specific outsourcing services presented on this web site. And if you're interested, contact me personally or use our quote form to see what we could do to help you further increase the efficiency of your business plan!


Best wishes,

Elizabeth Marasco, MBA
Bookkeepers Plus, Inc.
354 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach
NY 11951
Phone: 631-949-5864
Fax: 631-207-8349

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Project Accounting

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Other Credits and Collections actions

These tasks are not very spectacular if done accurately and correct. But if you forget then many unnecessary problems can arise from...

...Petty Cash , Employee Reimbursements, Business Expenses, and Vehicle Mileage tracking

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