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Bookkeepers Plus Outsourcing Report & Individually Tailored Analysis

Bookkeepers Plus Outsourcing Analysis - detailed information how to save money and time...Thank you for subscribing to the Bookkeepers Plus Outsourcing report.

This is your Outsourcing Report on bookkeeping and other back office services.

The goal of this report is to help you evaluate the benefits of outsourcing select financial functions in your particular circumstances so you can profit from outsourcing.

As each business concern — and every business owner — have their own unique needs, preferences, wishes, areas of expertise, circumstances and resources, this report attempts to help you define if outsourcing your bookkeeping or some select financial functions would bring you advantages.

Since your particular circumstances are totally unique, this Outsourcing Report is based on your answers to various questions regarding your wishes, requirements, industry, and business venture.

To secure your Outsourcing Report free of charge and with absolutely no obligation, please fill in the questionary below and submit it.

NOTE: Answer ONLY those questions that concern the tasks that you want to be performed better than currently OR which you want performed at a lower cost than presently. You do not have to answer all questions in other words.

Start your Outsourcing Analysis here:
1. Which of the following functions of bringing in the money do not go as fluently as you want in your business currently (do not get done as quickly as they should)?
Billing customers as soon as possible (creating the invoice and sending it to the customer at the first possible point in time)
Accuracy, detailed itemization or correctness of invoices (customers start asking for itemization or ask for correction when you try to collect your bills)
Collecting the monies due from invoices sent to customers (customers delay payment unduly, too many invoices are paid later than the due date)
Processing checks and other payments received from customers (checks aren't banked daily before 2PM but there's a delay before banking because of lack of time)
Keeping track of who owes the company, how much and how long it's overdue (not having weekly statements on incoming money on 30 / 60 / 90 day itemizations)
Issuing credits & refunds due to customers (customers contact your business repeatedly to ask for their refund or credit, thus creating additional work for you and lowering customer-satisfaction)
Issuing monthly statements to customers based on what they owe, itemizing each bill and showing how long it has been due
Collection of monies owed to your company is slow or inefficient but you're not sure what the cause of it is

Something else about billing customers and collecting & banking the monies received, please explain in more detail here:

2. In regards to what you owe and the bills / expenses / overheads you must pay, which of the following actions does not get done as you would want?
Vendor bills are not tracked for discount and due dates (you lose discounts and/or receive collection calls and/or some vendors tighten payment & delivery terms)
Vendor bills are not checked for validity or verified or matched with purchase orders and deliveries / shipping tickets (you don't know if you pay too much and /or there's a lot of confusion about who delivered what and/or your accountant charges extra for sorting out these documents for your year-end accounts)
There is no make-sense monitoring or managing of income and outgo, cash flow or bank balances, so you don't have an accurate picture of your finances at any time (making investment, purchases and planning difficult and slow)
Petty Cash is not handled accurately and you lose money as valid expenses are not documented as such and end up as your salary at the end of the year
No reliable record is kept of vehicle mileage or no-one is tracking whether there is employee misuse of vehicles (or vehicle mileage is not recorded so you lose the bigger tax deduction and use only the actual receipts)

Something else regarding money you own, the bills from vendors, overheads... please explain what:

3. In the area of being able to apply your skills to practical financial planning so as to focus always on the most profitable things to do, what information would you find useful?
Having your finger on the pulse of the business activity as it develops so you're always aware of what sells better or produces best profits
Knowing how to concentrate your efforts on those 20% of activities that produce 80% of your income and profits
Knowing who are your best-paying customers, who buys most, and whose purchases produce the biggest profit AND how this evolves so you become aware of any changes immediately
Knowing on monthly basis how much money you made (sales), where you made it, how much it took to make it (expenses) and what you got left over (profit) from it... or not (loss) so you can instantly utilize positive trends and/or nip emerging problems in the bud
Knowing how to predict future cashflow so you can plan your finances more accurately and further into the future
Being kept aware continuously of all the key financial figures that change on monthly basis so you can react without delay and make small improvements practically in real time BUT without spending more than a few minutes at it weekly

Something else regarding knowing your finances and being kept updated on any changes (both favorable and unfavorable) in your financial success, please explain:

4. In regards to the payroll, are any of the following tasks not performed as timely and/or accurately as you want?
Calculating the pay of each employee from time cards or other sources (this part of payroll takes a lot of time, is confusing and/or causes complaints from employees as pays lips require corrections)
Executing the payment of salaries (printing checks & distributing these to your employees OR payments made through direct deposits)
Preparing all quarterly & yearly Payroll Tax Returns (mistakes or omissions in filling in and filing forms, unnecessary problems thereof)
Timekeeping (setup and maintenance of timekeeping system, be it a simple time card method or an electronic system integrated into your accounting/bookkeeping software)

Some other aspect of payroll, please explain:

5. In the area of human resources (hiring people and the paperwork that follows), which tasks are not completed the way you would wish?
There's never time to create recruitment ads instantly OR interview applicants when you need a new employee (so things get drawn out and it takes too long to find a new team member)
Insufficient quoting for various mandatory and/or voluntary insurances so you don't know if you are paying too much unnecessarily
Confusion about which mandatory insurances are required for employees (you're not sure if all insurances are there and in effect)
Retirement plans aren't updated immediately, new employees aren't signed up when they should and those who've left the company aren't deleted instantly
Leaves, maternity leave, vacations and other types of absences are not documented accurately and timely, or tasks involving these get postponed for later, causing unnecessary work and confusion
You don't have the time to respond to enquiries (from employees and from underwriters) regarding insurances, retirement plans, or leaves or update the paperwork when situations evolve and rules change

There is some other problem regarding Human Resources, please explain:

6. In regards to the secretarial services you need, have you had any of the following problems?
The amount of secretarial work I need makes it unprofitable to employ a skilled secretary full time and I can't find a part-time secretary that fulfils my criteria
I need an assistant who is more experienced and/or can take initiative but can't find someone that meets these qualifications
I just need some help every once in a while but want the work be performed professionally so the letters and calls that go out are of high quality
I need a secretary who is on call continuously and who gets the job done, but I don't want to pay for a full-time professional secretary

Do you have some other problem regarding the performance of various office duties and secretarial functions? If yes, please explain:

7. Please choose which of the following RESULTS you would want in order to consider outsourcing some of your bookkeeping functions and/or financial tasks:
To get my customers to pay their bills faster
To maximize the speed and accuracy with which funds are banked and made available
Accurate and timely tracking of Accounts Receivable to keep my cashflow moving faster and with fewer bottlenecks
To be kept up to date about every key development in my company's sales, profits and cashflow so I can instantly react to changes and improve success with the least amount of time and effort due to early detection of opportunities and problems
To learn practical hands-on financial planning skills as they apply to my own business, becoming an expert financial advisor for my own company
To know at all times who we owe and when it is due, allowing for utilization of discounts, the maintenance of good payment terms with vendors and enabling practical financial planning in terms of cashflow
To be able to react quickly to cash shortages way before they materialize, going out with campaigns and special offers to match future income with expenditure
To get rid of mistakes in payroll and the resulting upsets of employees

Is there something else that you want as a result of outsourcing? If yes then please write it here:

8. If you are interested in any of our special outsourcing services, please tick the box of the service that you want more information about:
We have larger project and/or jobs, please tell me more about your Project Accounting & Job Costing services
We have extensive purchasing and a large inventory, please tell me more about your Purchasing & Inventory services
We use QuickBooks accounting software but keep having problems with it, please tell me more about your training and support services for QuickBooks
We experience problems with other software (Excel, MS Word, etc.), please contact me to explain how your software training and support services work
I want to check if I'm paying unnecessarily for having my accountant / CPA do work that could be outsourced to a bookkeeper at a significantly lower cost, please contact me to explain your services for preparing the books / sales and payroll taxes for accountant or CPA

Some other service, task of function we might outsource, provided you can deliver the service and the price is competitive, please explain the details here:

9. Please give us your contact details and some basis data about your company:
Your Name:
Your email address
Name of your Company:
Your Position:
Your Location:
Your Phone:
Best time to call:
Your line of business / your industry:
Number of employees:
If you want to tell something else to us, pleas write it here:
Finally, just double check you've given correct contact details and then click the grey "Submit Outsourcing Analysis" button... and you're done!

Click only once, it may take a while before anything happens!
We will contact you within 2-4 business days to
deliver your individual Outsourcing Analysis.


If you prefer to contact me directly to find out what we could do for your business, please call me personally on 631-949-5864 or e-mail me and I will gladly give you more information without obligation.

Thank you for your interest in our outsourcing services,


Best wishes,

Elizabeth Marasco, MBA
Bookkeepers Plus, Inc.
354 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach
NY 11951
Phone: 631-949-5864
Fax: 631-207-8349

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